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Charlene Beretah - Ram LP

Image of Charlene Beretah - Ram LP


On this first album, the trio distils its influences through 5 titles clearly reeking of the world’s end. The atmospheres are varied, though always tempered by the heaviness and the gloominess inherent to the band’s dark obsessions. Depression, murders and possession (both demonic and chemical) are topics treated in an atmosphere of furious madness and palpable despair. The groove, undeniable, smashing, thunderous, is interspersed with crust-punk accelerations that also recall the great hours of the Scandinavian second wave of black metal. You've understood, this first album is not in made of fine lace, and that's precisely what’s so good about it.
For fans of: Yob, Monolord, Electric Wizard, Darkthrone, EyaHateGod…