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dIVA - Sol LP

Image of dIVA - Sol LP


The 5 songs on this album, which happens to be only the first part of a diptych whose sequel will come out at the end of 2018, are inspired by the rocky planets of the solar system. The music is a faithful reflection of the telluric aspect of these astral bodies, through a music borrowing from smooth dream-pop and throbbing trip-hop. Some incursions into the dark-folk and drone burned territories make the final mixture a formidable composite of efficiency, irremediably causing total fascination and immediate adhesion. The themes dealt with in the lyrics, directly related to the planets from which they are inspired, are depicted as dark & rich metaphors, inviting an introspective journey from which no one will emerge unscathed. One thus gives oneself with pleasure to these original and tortuous compositions, in which the talent and inspiration of their authors shine like a star in the remotest abyss of the galaxy.