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Euclidean - Quod Erat Faciendum 2xLP

Image of Euclidean - Quod Erat Faciendum 2xLP


2x140gr. LP with handmade silkscreened cover. Hand numbered. Limited to 300.

Hailing from Neuchâtel in Switzerland, Euclidean is acting since 2010. They deploy a progressive Black metal that focuses on the creation of bitter and somber feelings, breeding black, hypnotic atmospheres, enriched with doom and sludge metal rhythms.

The album illustrates four conceptions of the universe, from its creation and to its ruin. The first one develops a strictly pagan, Pythagorean, view. The second consists in a Christian exposition of the transmigration of the souls, their origin and their destiny, mixed with pagan features, as in Macrobius’ Commentary upon Scipio's Dream. The third is a medieval lecture of the World’s end, mainly based upon the Book of Revelation. The last one digs a neo-pagan theory, this one containing a reflection about the Christian decadent cosmology.