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Icare - Khaos CD


The initial will of ICARE members was to experiment with the wildest and most devastating grindcore. After attending a show where fellow Swiss geniuses Euclidean (Division Records) were playing, they were struck by the black metal dimension of this formation. This was a real epiphany: their technical and virulent grindcore must incorporate the dark, melodic tones and the deviance specific to black metal.

This is how the idea of making an album that realizes the gradual transformation of a furious grindcore into a more mystical black metal that would prove to be as dark as it is inhabited. "Khaos" thus unfolds like an initiatory journey on the paths of the most extreme and demanding music. After a volley of short and rabid tracks, the album subtly evolves into much longer formats, plays with moods and finally turns into a vortex of emotions mingling frank terror, ecstatic beauty and utter devastation.

Inspired by Lovecraft’s universe, the album’s story mixes dystopia and science fiction to create a fantasized mythology that is both stellar and murky.

The work on the visual has just added a hard and realistic dimension to the concept of the album, exposing at the same time societal taboos.

Recommended if you like: Full of Hell, Wake, Deathspell Omega, Blut aus Nord, Ulcerate…