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Kehlvin/Fleshworld - To Deny Everything That's Mundane Split LP

Image of Kehlvin/Fleshworld - To Deny Everything That's Mundane Split LP


This split is not like every split. It tells a story, it gives birth to a journey. Based on the life of a famous mathematician, it relates his struggle against his own world. Thus the concept of the album evolves around science, various philosophical problems and dissatisfaction with certain beliefs. The story is told through five, interwoven tracks (three by Kehlvin and two by Fleshworld), each regarding a different stage of the subject’s life.

On this record we find FLESHWORLD diving further in its own musical field. Still mixing crushing doom with more sludge and post metal influences, the Polish band unveil two massive songs with real anger and breathe taking atmosphere. Heavy as fuck, but beautifully melancholic at the same time, these new tracks unleash all the demons of hell directly in your ears.

KEHLVIN is presenting three new songs that somehow follow the path taken on their last full-length. Including a more noise rock approach, the Swiss prog-sludgers hit strong and fast. Brilliant writing skills & mind blowing arrangements; this is what these tracks are all about. The band succeeds in delivering smart heaviness and once again in redefining its own style.

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