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KØDE - Discrete Transformation CD


The 10 tracks on this album are hypnotic jewels that unashamedly display KØDE’s immense talent. Displaying all his motley influences, the band manages to pull out of the game by proposing a highly nuanced style that owes as much to noise rock, slowcore as to more indie-grunge-pop. The guitars know how to be overwhelming with heaviness or finer depending on the need of the song, the bass can either breathes a dry groove or be more insidious, the voice distils its contagious melodies which encrust themselves in the cortex in a definitive way. The large and powerful production of Julien Fehlmann (Unfold, The Ocean, Dirge, Coilguns, Kehlvin ...) reveals a multitude of details and subtleties over the course of plays and finally allows Discrete Transformation to become as indispensable as the albums that have rocked our adolescence.