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Rorcal / Kehlvin - Ascension CD

Image of Rorcal / Kehlvin - Ascension CD

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Two bands. Two visions. Only one aim. Transcendence and excess. Exceeding the classic idea of a split-album. Exceeding the time limit of what is usually called a song. Exceeding the code of a style. Exceeding one’s ability to create, exceeding oneself, again, forever. To join forces, to experiment, to compel oneself. It hasn’t been easy and the result is what it is. It is. And this is already something.
RORCAL.KEHLVIN. The harmony is more than perfect, it’s cosmic. The depth of the first answers with so much grace to the atmospheric path of the second that you’re trapped, instantly, inexorably. From ultimate doom heaviness to pure progressive rock lightness, this album is not only a way for the bands to revisit their own influences (from EyeHateGod to Neurosis, from Celtic Frost to Godspeed you! Black Emperor, from Knut to SunnO))), from Earth to Pink Floyd) it is also the heartbreaking manifesto of two universes transcended by their own interweaving.

release date: 2007
format: Digipack 3 fold