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This Gift is a Curse - I; Gvilt Bearer LP

Image of This Gift is a Curse - I; Gvilt Bearer LP


This first album is a crushing experience of Blackened Sludge Hardcore. Distilling all its influences in
a new configuration of extreme aggression, “I, Gvilt Bearer” combines the hatred of early & raw Black
Metal with the heaviness of modern & metallic Sludge Hardcore. Recorded in early fall of 2011 in secret location north of Stockholm, the album was released in may 2012 in collaboration with 5
labels from France, Denmark, Germany, Scandinavia and Uk in lp and sold out in just a few months.
This second press in collaboration with Monotonstudio (Germany) and Discouraged Records
(Scandianvia) will be presented in a beautiful 12" splatter vinyl in printed innersleeve + cover.
Suffocating, dark, dense, rich and personal, this music is a new step in the evolution of extreme metal.

Sold Out