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Unfold - Cosmogon PLP

CHF12.00 - On Sale

Limited Picture LP edition of the 3d album of the returning king of Swiss heaviness!
Unfold, after years of absence are coming back to life with
a gigantic new masterpiece named COSMOGON, 6 tracks of epic intensity for a record which could already be considered as a new level in insane, mind blowing heavy music.
Following his unique path of tortured dementia, the band delivers an ultimate burst of pure sludgy hardcore combined with perfect melodies and walls of massive aggression.
Produced and MIxed by Julien Fehlmann at Studio Mécanique
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Brian Gardner Mastering

250 copies Limited Picture 12"
+ 350gr double printed and cutted insert

Side A
- Erebe
- Hemere
- Hystrion
Side B
- Hexahedron
- Ethera
- Eschaton